Renn Butler (III) – Archetypes and archetypal astrology

Archetypes and archetypal astrology
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October 3, 2014

Archetypes and archetypal astrology

ADRIAN: Can you share some details about your new project?
RENN: Well, it will be somewhat similar to this last one but I don’t want to talk about it too much. As Robert Frost says: talking about your writing is like opening a fire hydrant in the street, when what you need is a thin, controlled stream up in your room.

ADRIAN: We are speaking here about archetypal astrology and I have mentioned so many times the term archetype… Maybe it’s appropriate to explain it at last … What are the archetypes?
RENN: I think there are different levels of archetypes. I mean there are a range of different ways that Western philosophers have used that term or similar ones: the Archai the Reals, the Forms. In astrology I guess we say there are archetypal complexes associated with the Sun, Moon and the eight planets. And, there is a range of archetypal manifestations. Within each of those overarching categories there would be various other archetypes. The Sun would be connected with the archetype of the Self, with Apollo, with the Divine Son, and each of those could be called an archetype, too. So there are archetypes within larger archetypes.

ADRIAN: Do we have a more thorough description of what is in fact an archetype?
RENN: Tarnas, in his classic Prometheus the Awakener talks about three broad overlapping ways of understanding archetypes in Western philosophy.… Read the rest

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Renn Butler (I) – Honoring the Elders

Background in transpersonal movement and astrology
Stan Grof’s contribution: The scientific study of the holotropic states of consciousness
The levels of the psyche and Perinatal Matrices
Richard Tarnas’s contribution: archetypal astrology – The Rosetta Stone of human psyche
Prometheus The Awakener
Cosmos and Psyche
Archetypal astrology and the birth of a New Worldview
September 12, 2014

Background in transpersonal movement and astrology

ADRIAN: Hello Renn, and thank you for accepting my invitation to discuss your work!
RENN: Thank you for the opportunity, Adrian. I see it’s late in Romania.

ADRIAN: Yes… Renn, you wrote a marvelous book on how to use archetypal astrology to guide one’s inner journey into the transpersonal realms: how to use it to support deep internal therapeutic work. But before discussing your book, I’d like you to say a few words about your background in astrology and the transpersonal field.
RENN: During the 1960s my father was dissatisfied with the traditional religion he was raised in and was inspired by the wave of evolutionary and transformative energies of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1960 to 1972 – eventually going to the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He did a month-long workshop and later went back several more times…

After my parents divorced in 1973, my mother went to Esalen and lived there for several years, so I had some deep roots in California. In late 1979 I had the opportunity to go to Esalen as a work scholar after my first year of university (I started out in Political Science and Economics) and ended up staying at Esalen for all of 1980.… Read the rest

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Renn Butler (II) – Căi spre întregire, o carte unică în literatura astrologică


Căi spre întregire

26 septembrie 2014

  1. Rolul autoexplorării holotropice: Valorile umane intrinseci
  2. Pathways to Wholeness – cartea
  3. Trecut, prezent și viitor
  4. Tranzite personale si mondiale – aspecte practice
  5. “Legea atractiei” – Ce anume ne creează realitatea?

ADRIAN: Renn, este o plăcere să te avem din nou alături pentru a discuta mai în profunzime subiectele fascinante pe care le abordezi în cartea ta detaliată și bine scrisă – PATHWAYS TO WHOLENESS – care oferă cititorului posibilități nelimitate de explorare.
RENN: Da, mulțumesc foarte mult, sper ca oamenii să o considere utilă și promițătoare. A fost un proiect lung și foarte solicitant. Am avut de făcut numeroase conexiuni și a durat… concepția cărții a avut propria sa durată și sunt foarte încântat că în cele din urmă a apărut.
ADRIAN: Cum te simți azi, astrologic vorbind?
RENN: Ei bine, ar fi interesant pentru cititori să știe că parcurgem pentru aproximativ șase săptămâni un tranzit fantastic, un triunghi major constituit între Marte, Jupiter și Uranus. Acesta s-a format la mijlocul lunii septembrie (2014), în jurul datei de 15 – așadar abia a început – și va dura până în jurul datei de 25 octombrie; îi simt cu adevărat forța, entuziasmul și susținerea. Este atât de incitant! Sunt foarte entuziasmat de astrologie și tocmai am dat peste două articole.
Pe unul dintre ele l-am văzut cu ceva timp înainte, dar n-am apucat să-l citesc, este postat pe grupul de Facebook “Holotropic Breathwork” – un articol al lui Martin Boroson numit 12 Things Everyone Should Know About Holotropic Breathwork.… Read the rest

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