Renn Butler

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I. Acknowledgements
II. Book review


Honoring the Elders

1. Background in transpersonal movement and astrology
2. Stan Grof’s contribution: the scientific study of the holotropic states of consciousness
3. The levels of the psyche and the perinatal matrices
4. Richard Tarnas’s contribution: Archetypal astrology – the Rosetta Stone of human psyche
5. Prometheus the awakener
6. Cosmos and Psyche
7. Archetypal astrology and the birth of a new worldview

Pathways to wholeness

1. Intro
2. Intrinsic human values – the role of holotropic self-exploration
3. Pathways to wholeness
4. Past, present and future
5. Personal and world transits – practical issues
6. “Law of attraction” – What creates our reality?

Archetypes and archetypal astrology

1. Archetypes and archetypal astrology
2. Astrology for Groups
3. Spiritual Emergencies
4. Working with Clients
5. Late thoughts

III. Pathways to wholeness: complete table of contents

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