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logo_final-large [Converted]ADRIAN: Speaking about social events, you were involved in choosing an astrological appropriate moment for the second Global Breathwork Day. Can you share some details about this?
RENN: Well, Ken Sloan has approached a few of us for I think four out of five of these Global Breathwork Days, so I gave my two bits and did my best. But Matthew Stelzner is also contributing his insights now. It’s also really nice to have someone else because I felt it is a big responsibility. A few years ago there was a Super Moon and Stan Grof suggested to have it on the Full Moon, but none of us knew it was going to be a Super Moon. It was eight months in the future, and we didn’t realize. Anyone who had googled the date would have seen it, but nobody did that. We looked at all kinds of other factors, and I was convinced that it would be slightly better to have it the weekend before just because it would have been a bit easier, especially for people starting in the early time zones. And as we approached the date there was this talk about the Super Moon. We realized that it would’ve been better. It was a beautiful day as it was, but sometimes it’s better not to get too obsessed with the small astrological details, but just focus on what’s logistically better.

ADRIAN: What kind of factors did you use for selecting the Global Breathwork Day?
RENN: Well, I mean the same ones I would look for in an individual session. First you map out what the possible times are. They wanted to have it in the spring. Stan originally said May was best because that’s considered the happy month in Europe, so we really were just looking at May. And, you know we just try to make it as sort of intense as possible, so there’s some punch to it, some drive, some dynamic energy but also a lot of beautiful, soft, nourishing feminine energy that is conducive to bonding, fun and the feeling of kindness and support. And so that people have good integration experiences. There are so many factors, hundreds and hundreds of sub-factors that you might look at in the field of holotropic astrology.

ADRIAN: So the astrology you practice does not have just a personal scope. Are you working on a larger level, like on groups?
RENN: Oh, yes. Picking dates for groups is something I’m interested in to support people. There is only one combination I would recommend, that people postpone the day if they can. With everything else there is a positive side too. I mean every planetary pair has a positive manifestation, and as long as people are organized and there are enough sitters to breathers you won’t come across any dangerous energies. But Mars-Saturn-Neptune dynamic aspects like a triple conjunction or T-square or Mars-Saturn square Neptune, when all three of those archetypes are involved, that really tends to take the wind out of peoples’ sails, and it can be unusually discouraging for people. I just think individuals tend to get their money’s worth more during other archetypal influences. These configurations are fairly rare, but we will be having them a few times in the next several years or so because we are moving into Saturn square Neptune, so every six months for about two weeks Mars will be forming one of those dynamic alignments with the Saturn-Neptune. And those can be unusually discouraging. Again, I wouldn’t say they’re dangerous. It’s just that you have to have enough support, enough facilitators. And, people who are naturally inclined or who have issues with chronic depression might find those even more discouraging than usual. It wouldn’t be the nicest energy to do a first session, though people can still have very rewarding experiences.




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