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ADRIAN: I would like to know something about how you do readings, how you work with clients.
RENN: Well, I usually ask people to write a 1 to 3 paragraph description of what’s happening in their lives, what’s working, what’s not, what are their dominant emotions that they’re going through, are there any decisions they need to make, what is their relationship with their inner life at present and send that to me. That helps to focus our time together. Then I spend time looking at the chart and we talk on Skype or on the phone and record the conversation. I usually introduce the basics of astrology if they’re not already familiar. Then we look at their natal aspects, go through them one by one and see how they fit together. Then there are transits for the past year or so and transits at the present moment and transits a year or so into the future and I go through the range of possible expressions of each of the energies that they’re experiencing and some of the healthy ways people can deal with those energies.

This can be helpful in a number of ways… one is, it can be validating for people who are going through tough times. “You know, you’re having just the exact kind of experience that one would expect, given that you have a Saturn or Pluto square your Sun and that there is a time limit on that transit. You’re almost finished with this transit, and so forth…” That’s great news and it’s always nice to be able to tell people that. Also, it can help people with manic Uranus or Jupiter transits, where there’s a lot of feeling of breakthrough and excitement, inflation, over-optimism or overextension associated with Uranus or Jupiter. I can help to remind people that this too shall pass so try not to get too carried away, i.e., I wouldn’t borrow money based on faith, but get a sober, second or third opinion.

During the Neptune dynamic transit to Jupiter, for example, people tend to get overoptimistic with their inspiration. So it’s really important to get sober, grounded advice before spending money. It’s not that it is unlucky energy at all, but people can get carried with feelings of expansion and benefit and so on. There are hundreds of other nuances of experience and ways that people can deal with different types of transits. For instance, sometimes when transiting Uranus hits natal Venus people can go through a period where they may feel restless in their existing relationships. They may find themselves in triangle situations and may be attracted to someone outside of their relationship or that someone is attracted to them or sometimes their partner can be the agent of that energy. There are different ways people can deal with that. There are also various ways people can deal with their Mars energies, different types of aggressive feelings and conflicts that might come from those and how they can best process them out of their systems.

ADRIAN: What is your strongest point as an astrologer?
RENN: I wouldn’t want to phrase it like that, but maybe just to say that because I’m in my fifth decade of life and I’ve been studying this since I was a teenager, I have had a lot of time to observe my own transits over many years and have also studied the transits of many other people including a lot of famous people, so I’ve had some time to develop some experience. But there are many great astrologers out there.

For people who are specifically interested in the relationship between holotropic or psychedelic self-exploration and archetypal astrology, that would be probably one of the places I would have experience perhaps more than some other astrologers. There are other astrologers who have experience with that too. Obviously Rick Tarnas, Matthew Stelzner and growing number of others. Some of my favorite readings are with people who are doing Holotropic Breathwork sessions or other powerful spiritual techniques or are considering doing medicine work with legitimate shamans or responsible psychedelic therapy. It’s always fun to give them support and feedback.



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