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September 26, 2014

ADRIAN: Renn, it’s a pleasure to have you back to discuss in more depth the fascinating subjects you are addressing in your thorough and well-written book. PATHWAYS TO WHOLENESS gives its reader endless possibilities to explore.
RENN: Well, thanks very much, I hope people find it helpful and encouraging. It was a long, very demanding project. I had to connect a lot of dots and it had its own timing… the birth of the book had its own timing and now I’m just thrilled that it has finally come out.

ADRIAN: How do you feel today, astrologically speaking?
RENN: Well, it might be interesting for readers to know that we are right now and for about six weeks in a fantastic transit, a grand trine of Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. This began in the middle of September, around the 15th or so, so it just started, and it will go until around the 25th of October, and I’m really feeling the surge, enthusiasm, and encouragement. It’s just so exciting. I’m feeling a lot of enthusiasm right now for astrology, and two articles have just kind of surfaced.

One I’ve seen before, but never had a chance to read, it’s posted on the Facebook group “Holotropic Breathwork”, an article by Martin Boroson called 12 Things Everyone Should Know About Holotropic Breathwork. It is just a beautifully concise description of Holotropic Breathwork which answers many of the questions people might have about it.

The other one, which Rick sent to me about six months ago, but I was just busy with my book promotions and everything, so I finally had a chance to read it this week, and it’s brilliant, vintage Tarnas. It’s called The Role of Astrology in a Civilization in Crisis and is posted on the AstroDienst website, but I also have it as the first post on the Facebook group “Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas” and people can go there and read it. I just want to include here a couple of paragraphs from it that really sum up the thesis and the intention of Rick’s great work Cosmos and Psyche.

For this enormous development of our bright modern solar consciousness left out the depths, the lunar mystery, the soul of the cosmos. But the problem of disenchantment is not just psychological, philosophical, or spiritual. It’s pragmatic, and in the most global way. Why is cosmology so important? Because a cosmology is the container for everything that happens within a civilization – all the thinking, the assumptions, the actions, the strategies, the economics and politics, the ecology, the self-image of the human being, one’s role in the larger scheme of things and in every specific situation one finds oneself in. A disenchanted world view empowers the utilitarian mindset, so that efficiency and control, power and profit, become the highest values governing the society.

In such a world, literally nothing is sacred, because the whole has been desacralized: everything can be objectified and commodified, ancient forests nothing but potential lumber, mountains become mining projects, children’s minds marketing targets. Our relation to the universe becomes I-It rather than I-Thou. The need to fill the spiritual hunger of this cosmically isolated consciousness, combined with the imperatives of corporate profit and personal greed, produces a technoconsumerist frenzy that is cannibalizing the planet and threatening to crash the entire Cenozoic Era.




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